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JeKiss Co., Ltd. has its head office, R&D Center, and factories on Jeju Island, which has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and Sales office is located in Seoul.

Head Office


  • Office : Distribution in Jeju-Island

    Head Office

  • Seoul Office : Local (outside of Jeju-Island) and global sales

    Seoul Office

R&D Center

The R&D Center of JeKiss makes efforts in discovering new materials and ingredients of Jeju-Island, developing functional food,
and securing product safety and reliability, and pursues the advancement of innovative manufacturing technologies.

  • R&D Center
  • R&D Center
  • Factory 1(F1)

    For manufacturing chocolate-based products / HACCP and ISO22000 certifications / Incorporated with top notch depositing system of AWEMA and KNOBEL (Switzerland) / enrobing and tempering system from SOLLICH (Germany) / Automatic packaging system

    Factory 1(F1)

  • Factory 2(F2)

    For manufacturing confectionery products / ISO22000 certification / Incorporated with system from RHEON MACHINE (Japan) / Automatic packaging system

    Factory 2(F2)