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JeKiss seeks to penetrate the global market with ultimate products
manufactured with a top-notch system and the features of Jeju-Island.

Business vision

As-Is The Chocolate Specialist : Manufacturing chocolate based products - Mandarin orange, cactus, green tea,     Hallabong (A variety of mandarin orange) High value hand made chocolate - With premium shell and filling Certifications  - ISO22000, HACCP, INNO-BIZ, Venture Company To-Be Comprehensive confectionery provider : R&D -  Development of new materials from Jeju-Island and      patented manufacturing technologies based on them Health-oriented products  - Medicinal crops from Jeju-Jeju-Island, products    containing bioactive substances Confectionery - Expansion to extensive range of items such as macaroon,    cereal bar, brownie, millefeuille and rusk

Business field

Citrus, Hallabong, Baeknyeoncho, green tea

Business model

Chocolate/confectionery manufacture our patented technology only for the establishment of various products, The latest production equipment and facility building automation system, Hygienic production system operation with certifications including HACCP and ISO 22000, OEM/ODM services available

Business differentiation strategy

Constant technology development and production facility investment through research , Establishment of thorough food hygiene and safety control system, Securing product competitiveness using the clean image and resources of Jeju-Island