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About Us

JeKiss works with passion and innovative creativity to achieve greater goals and to develop new products.
As a leading chocolate manufacturer in Jeju, Korea, JeKiss is committed to provide products of the highest quality,
made with only the freshest by creating products that bring health and wellbeing to all its customers.

We produce with value of Jeju-Island.
We use the Jeju natural resources as a food ingredients.

We pursue the manufacture of healthy products.
We use only ingredients with guaranteed safety.

We manufacture authentic products.
We conduct complete and thorough hygiene and safety control.
We directly manufacture our products in the clean environment of Jeju-Island.

CI Concept

JeKiss logo

The company name, JeKiss,
Represents the symbolism of Jeju-Island - blessed nature and exotic mythology - as "Kiss with Jeju."

Our design concept is “Sweet Kiss, Sweet Chocolate” - the word mark with concise and feminine serifs for that softness and sweetness when chocolate is put in the mouth and combination of upper and lower case characters to deliver great legibility as well as the scale of our brand.

The color identity utilizes chocolate brown color, reminding one of chocolate, to express professionalism and sophistication.

Main Color Sub Colors

President / CEO

President / CEO

As the representative of JeKiss,

I aim to attract global customers with top products featuring unique characteristics of Jeju and manufacturered with state of the art production system.

CEO of JeKiss,